Friday, June 20, 2008

TGIF - not

After a few hours at work I decided to seek out greater challenges so . . . Today we went to do battle with the South Carolina DMV! I have to admit compared to the California DMV this was a walk in the park; the line moved quickly and wasn't long to begin with so we got to their first line of defense pretty quickly. We'd prepared for this encounter and had already filled out the required forms so we were ready to move on quickly - not so fast; South Carolina doesn't accept other states drivers licenses as proof of anything other than driver qualification so after a quick scan of the acceptable documents I dashed home to pick up passports or birth certificates to prove we were really who we said we were and a utility bill to prove we actually lived here, as opposed to it being our hobby to visit various state DMVs and exchange our drivers licenses. While I was collecting documents Elizabeth worked on task 2 - vehicle registration. When I returned, passports and utility bills in hand she had secured the coveted "In God We Trust" version of the South Carolina license plate. The greeter recognized us and reviewed our documents - Passports, check; Utility bill in Elizabeth's name, check; Utility bill in Tim's name . . . frantic searching . . . check; military and dependant ID cards, check. We received our line numbers and took our seats. A few minutes later we were called up and paperwork in order paid my $25 and was sent to get a picture. Elizabeth was not so fortunate; as an identity theft protection measure her ID card didn't have the requried social security number, and the original issue reciept in her maiden name - even when accompanied with a marriage license was not a suitable replacement; she'll be making another trip to the DMV. On the positive side, the lines are short and the people are nice.

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