Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

On Saturday we noticed that the grass was getting a little long so we set out on a lawn mower shopping trip. After a quick stop at Consumer Reports we decided on the Toro Recycler Personal Pace. The nearest Toro dealer no longer stocked mowers since Toro had required them to take on more inventory than they were willing to. We stopped at an Ace hardware that had only a few small mowers and a Sears that had a couple of good looking mowers and a lot of hornets. We stopped by Lowe's and still no Toro. Our last stop was to Home Depot where we found the sought after mower. The kids were anxious to get mowing and by the end of the day we all really liked the new mower. It started easily on the first pull and the personal pace feature made the large yard a breeze.

That evening we battled through picture hanging with only a few mishaps.

After church on Sunday a band of thunderstorms rolled through putting a damper on a planned outing so we opened more boxes and I put together a couple of wall racks for the garage. A few more racks and we may get both cars back in the garage.

For dinner we adventured to Daniel Island and Queen Anne's Revenge. The decor was great, the service was fantastic and the food was wonderful for both the adults and the kids. It may be the new family favorite.

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