Sunday, February 1, 2009

Be a tourist in your own town!

January is be a tourist in your own town month in Charleston. We picked up a family pass and made it our mission to check off as many of the attractions as we could in the month.

The weather was not always cooperative and we weren't able to go to every event together but it was well worth the money and we had a great time. Some of the highlights of our month were our visits to the Hunley, Patriot's Point and the Middleton Plantation.

At Patriot's Point we had a great time touring the ships and learning about their history as well as that of the Port of Charleston. Of particular interest was the Medal of Honor museum, I could have spent hours learning more about the incredible people that have given so much to and for our country.

We also enjoyed visiting the Aiken Rhett House and the Old Charleston Slave Mart. One of the things that struck me during the Slave Mart visit was that not only was slavery a blemish on our nation's past it's prevention is part of our ongoing battle.

We had so much fun this year we'll probably do it agian next year.
See you in Charleston!