Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The end of our first racing season

Wow! This year has gone by so quickly; we just finished the last offshore race of the CORA racing season, the Alice Cup Regatta. Saturday morning we raced from Charleston to Bohicket and on Sunday we made the return trip. This was a great way to end the season, I hope the crew had as much fun as I did.  Before I get into the summary of the season, I would like to thank all the people that came out and crewed on Peregrine this year. In particular Mr Jim for being at every race and sharing his experience, as well as taking the helm while my rotator cuff was recovering, and also Ms Vivian for those wonderful sandwiches that kept us all going.

We started ou he season not even able to make it to the line on time to record a start but have come along way with great starts both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. At the beginning of the year I'd planned on just doing the offshore race series but became addicted to the Wednesday night races and over the year our ability to tune the boat for speed has really improved. Our tacks have become much smoother and I've gotten better at not undershooting the mark, although Peregrine still seems to be a buoy magnet pulling itself towards any buoy within a few hundred yards.

This has also been a big project year and I'm extremely pleased with the way the new Electrical panel turned out, as well as the many little fixes over the summer.

Thanks again to all of you that made this great season possible, not just the crew but also all the great people at CORA that put together a great racing season.