Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Stuff

The "overflow" shipment of our stuff arrived today after being stored in a warehouse, packed in crates shipped across the country and then mis-handled during the unpacking. The stuff that came on the moving truck that we pretty much had oversight of during both the packing and unpacking process had a fighting chance and we really had minimal damage to that shipment. The overflow was a different story - the delivery crew that the local United office sent over were pretty shady and they managed to break a light fixture among other things while unloading. Keeping them on task was a major chore.

On a positive note the heat wave that had been with us since we arrived has weakened and both this evening and last were very pleasant. The Whitehall neighborhood is a great place for evening walks; especially compared to our very hilly neighborhood in California so hopefully we can keep this new healthy trend going.

There are 3 large frogs that have taken residence in the pond in the front yard; one of them has grown quite large and can no longer get out of the pond without assistance (I think they're eating all of my mosquito fish).

I stopped by the library and now have a library card - I'm starting to feel like a Charlestonian. The rest of the family got their cards yesterday but I'm not falling too far behind.

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