Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Play time is over :(

Today we pulled Dimi II out of the water for her face-lift at Pierside Boatyard in North Charleston. 

We brought her over to the boatyard Friday afternoon, under tow from Sea Tow. After sailing part of the way up the Cooper River the wind died, the current turned against us we were unable to get the engine started from fuel contamination. We changed out a fuel filter but killed the battery trying to purge the fuel lines.

Before hauling her we unloaded two van loads and a pickup truck full of gear - so much for room in the garage. 

The boatyard crew carefully moved the boat into position and deposited her safely ashore.

The work-list keeps growing. Initially we were planning on blister repair and bottom paint but we also found some damage to the bottom of the rudder, a loose propeller strut and completely disintegrated zincs.

While the yard takes on those projects I'll be rewiring the AC electrical; installing a new AC panel and galvanic isolator.

For the most part the bottom looked to be in pretty good shape, the rudder really showed the worst fouling, as you can see from the before and after pictures

 After pressure washing the bottom, there were only a few barnacles but the anti-fouling paint was definitely wearing thin.

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