Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

The best way I can think of to usher in the new year is spending time with good friends on the boat. We were joined by my coworker David Hanson and members of the Gurr, Anthes and Yecke families. The weather this afternoon with light winds and temperatures in the 60's resulted in a very leisurely sail out past Fort Sumter and then back to the Marina.

The dolphins were out to play which added a special touch to a really great afternoon on the water.

This will likely be our last sail for a while, Dimi II is being hauled for some MUCH needed bottom work. A while back someone in the Little Creek Marina mentioned they could hear the clicking of the barnacles on the bottom of their boat. I didn't believe it until last week when I was cleaning up the bilge and could hear continuous clicking sounds coming through the hull.

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