Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I "discovered" Bacon Sails

This past weekend on my way to work on the boat I stopped in at Bacon Sails hoping to find a decent used spinnaker. Dimi II is is rigged for a a spinnaker but Herb had just been borrowing one when he raced and recommended I add one to the sail inventory.

What a great place, it's like a "Habitat for Humanity" store for boaters. The showroom was full of used gear at good prices. The team there was very helpful and knowledgable and helped me to find a sail that would meet my needs. The prize was a consignment from Navy Sailing in need of a few patches, I can hardly wait to get it down to the boat.

I also checked an item off of my shopping list, two chocks that will allow me to cross tie the stern lines. I was sure I was going to spend over $100 each for the size I wanted, but found a set for $39.99 each that will work perfectly.

I did finally make it down to the boat and finished putting in the DC electrical panel, it's nice to finally be able to plug in to some power while underway.

I also took some rig measurements and am rethinking taking the Inter-coastal waterway at least part of the way to Charleston. I'm torn between wanting to take the offshore passage and the idea of breaking the trip into a couple of more manageable pieces.

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